Monday, February 14, 2011

10 reasons why girls love diamonds

1.Diamonds are the best and the most expensive jewelry of them all. With diamonds you simply cannot go wrong as you know they are the best of the best.

2.Diamonds, especially diamond engagement rings are connected with love, tradition and other noble values.

3.Diamonds offer different choices in shape, size, color, cut, etc. Girls simply love things that give them many choices, especially when it comes to jewelry.

4.Diamonds sparkle. And girls just love this sparkle, the bigger the sparkle the better.

5.Diamonds are connected with many different symbols such as love, devotion, aesthetics, beauty, etc.

6.Diamonds are one of the most ultimate fashion statements as it is almost impossible to go wrong with any piece of diamond jewelry.

7.Bragging rights, especially in case of diamond engagement rings.

8.Because of the famous female movie stars (feeling like a famous movie diva wearing some beautiful piece of diamond jewelry).

9.Diamond jewelry doesn't lose value or beauty with time, if properly looked after.

10.Every other girl loves it, so why be an exception?


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