Thursday, October 28, 2010

The most popular diamond shapes

There are various diamond shapes to choose from and the most popular diamond shape is Round Brilliant diamond shape, which is in fact set standard for all other shapes, and approximately 3/4 of diamonds sold today have this shape. This shape is very popular because of its very precise formula which makes diamond shine maximum brilliance.

Round brilliant

Oval diamond shape, unlike the Round Brilliant diamond shape is very rarely used for solitaires, but is very popular for three stone anniversary rings and it is also popular among women that have short fingers or small hand.

Oval diamond

Princess diamond shape is square cut with many sparkling facets, and has shining almost as good as the Round brilliant. Princess diamond shape is often used for solitaires and it looks especially good on women with long fingers.

Princess diamond

Marquise diamond shape is traditional design that was first ordered by French king Louis XIV for his lover Marquise the Pompadour as Louis wanted the diamond shape to match her smile. Often used for solitaires.


Emerald diamond shape is also traditional shape with cut corners. This diamond shape requires stone of excellent color and clarity because inclusions are much more pronounced in this shape. It used to be much more popular than today.


Radiant diamond shape was very popular before the princess diamond shape and it has many similarities to princess diamond shape, except it has more facets than princess diamond shape (70 facets).


Heart diamond shape isn't recently that popular and it also requires excellent master cutter for perfect shape. However some people are still interested in this diamond shape for sentimental purposes as heart symbolizes love and diamond stands for eternity.


Pear diamond shape is really a hybrid, as it combines oval and marquise diamond shape and its look is similar to teardrop. Mostly used in pendants and earrings.



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