Thursday, October 28, 2010

Interesting facts about diamond jewelry

Diamonds are the kings of jewelry, and the most sought after pieces of jewelry.

There are different forms of available diamond jewelry, and the most common are diamond rings, diamond necklaces, and diamond earrings.

Diamond rings are not only ultimate symbols of love, but when you think of it they are the most practical form of diamond jewelry. They are very easy to wear, you can wear them on every finger, and since our hands are constantly on the move diamond rings are most noticeable on your hands.

Diamond necklaces are considered by many as the perfect signs of high class. With diamond necklace your neck certainly looks much more appealing, especially in combination with some formal gown. Just take a look at different celebs at Oscar award night, and you'll see how beautiful these necklaces look on them.

Diamond necklaces are usually more expensive than diamond rings because they usually consist of more than one diamond.

Like any other jewelry diamond jewelry can also get dirty after some time so it is always good thing to clean your diamond jewelry on regular basis to ensure their brilliance and sparkling. Diamonds are really not that good looking without their recognizable spark so make sure to clean your diamond jewelry from time to time.

There are several different methods how to clean your diamond jewelry but one of the best and most easiest methods is definitely to immerse them in a basin of lukewarm water with any mild detergent. After that use some soft toothbrush and gently remove any dirt and grime from the diamond and settings. And the finish touch is to rinse them off under running water and dry off with a lint-free cloth.

When you are doing some rough physical work try not to wear your diamond ring or other diamond jewelry because there's a big chance you will damage the setting, and this is something you definitely want to avoid.

It is wise wise to have your diamond jewelry regularly checked by an experienced jeweler to ensure that everything is in order with your setting so your expensive and beautiful stones are still secure.

The diamond jewelry industry has so advanced in the last few decades that today only imagination is limit when buying certain piece of diamond jewelry because almost everything can be made according to your desires, and custom made diamond jewelry has become one of the most popular options to express your individual style.

Diamonds are no longer just girl's best friends, and there are more and more men interested in wearing diamond jewelry, and black diamond rings and earrings have lately gathered quite a bit popularity among many men that care about fashion and current trends.

Diamonds are ultimate pieces of jewelry, and Christmas is the ultimate time for giving gifts to your loved ones so diamonds really make perfect Christmas gifts. Diamond rings, necklaces, earrings what ever item of diamond jewelry you may choose is really makes no difference because they are all sparkling Christmas gifts.

According to the 2002 study the average cost of an engagement ring in United States is $3,576.

Diamond earrings do not only look elegant and stylish, they are also your own personal fashion statement that can vary from the simple classical look, all the way to the most complicated custom design settings, that is what ever suits your style the most.

Diamond stud earrings in combination with 14K gold are lately becoming increasingly popular.

Pave diamond ring setting is called pave because one big surface of the ring is paved (covered) with tiny diamonds. Pave diamond ring setting requires master cutting to get the best looking final product, in some cases real jewelry masterpieces. The most appropriate diamonds for pave diamond ring setting are brilliant cut round diamonds because this cut enables maximum sparkle, making final diamond ring really beautiful. In most cases really small brilliant cut round diamonds are placed in small holes, and once these diamonds are placed, metal from the edge of the setting is used to hold these diamonds from all edges, so diamonds cannot drop out of the setting.

Princess cut diamonds are not only popular for diamond engagement rings but are also very popular choice for diamond earrings. The princess cut diamond is basically a square cut diamond with pointed corners, and its shape is the thing that makes it ideal choice for you diamond engagement ring. Most jewelers consider that the perfect length to wide ratio of the diamond is between 1-1.10, and this is what most people normally choose when opting for princess cut diamonds.

Among the most popular designs for men diamond earrings is "Claw Prong" design that features three claw-like prongs. This design is really very cool and elegant because it minimizes coverage of the face of the diamond exposing more facets of the diamond and is being crafted in 14k white gold that adds more emphasis on diamond making it look even more beautiful.

Lab created diamond jewelry such as lab created diamond rings are becoming increasingly popular not only because it costs less, but also because it is conflict-free.


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