Saturday, November 27, 2010

Diamonds as symbols - Facts

Diamonds have been symbols of love thanks to an excellent marketing campaign, that happened more than 70 years ago, or to be more precise back in the 1939. Since diamonds are eternal just like the real love is all that was needed was to connect these two, and the rest is of course history. For a very long time diamonds have been the most sought after pieces of jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings that have truly special status. The original "Diamonds are forever" campaign managed to connect love and diamonds in three little simple words, „Diamonds are forever“". Is your love forever too? If it is then show it by buying diamonds which are eternal too. Diamonds are of course very expensive but the real love has no price tag on it, so is there any better way to show how much you love someone than by buying diamond ring, a perfect symbol of love, eternity, and the circle of life itself.

Since Christmas holidays are not that far way diamonds will once again become perfect Christmas gifts, and the ultimate symbols of love. What’s love got to do it? Well we don't need to ask Tina Turner to answer us this question. Connection between diamonds and love has long, long history, and entire diamond jewelry business has been built on exploiting the love concept. And of course there was an excellent marketing to finish the job.
Though diamond engagement ring tradition has become one of the most dominant symbols for eternal love, diamond symbolism is far greater than just love and eternity. Diamonds have very long history, and throughout it hey have been connected with many other symbols, not to mention that there is also very strong connection with mysticism.

If you look at the origin of the word diamond you will find that its origin is not connected with love, but mostly with its superiority since Greek word "adamas" means unconquerable and indestructible, and this mostly refers extraordinary physical properties. As the unconquerable and indestructible they have also easily became the incarnation of Gods itself, for instance some nations like the old Greeks believed that diamonds were tears of the gods, while Romans believed they were splinters of fallen stars.

Since diamonds were so closely connected with the Gods, there is really no surprise that at first only kings were allowed to wear them, after all in ancient times kings were Gods on earth, and therefore the only ones worthy to wear diamonds that were considered to be the magical items that would make them invincible.

Diamond cutting that is now so well spread business was not allowed in ancient India because people believed that by cutting it diamond would lose its magical properties. In middle age some also used diamonds to detect poison as there was this belief how diamond would change the color in presence of poison. Sometimes even the matter of guilty or not guilty was sorted out with diamonds because there was this belief that diamonds would grow darker in the face of guilt and shine brightly for the innocent.

One of the funniest beliefs connected with diamond is definitely the one that states how diamond can only be broken by smearing it with fresh goat's blood. Now when you know this make sure to keep your diamonds away from goat's blood:)


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