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Famous diamonds - Interesting facts

Some diamonds are more famous then other, and through this article you will learn some very interesting facts about world's most famous, and most greatest diamonds. Hope you'll enjoy.

I will start the story with the famous KOH-I-NOOR diamond. Translated KOH-I-NOOR means Mountain of Light. This is one of the world's largest diamonds and was weighing incredible 186 carats in its rough states when first discovered more than 700 years ago, back in 1304. This majestic diamond is believed to have been set in the famous peacock throne of Shah Jehan.

In the time of British Queen Victoria this beautiful diamond lost some of its original carats and now weighs 108 carats, being dominant part of the British Crown Jewels. Some authorities believe that the Koh-i-Noor diamond was originally part of the Great Mogul but this thesis have not yet been proved.

STAR OF THE AFRICA or Cullinan I, as it sometimes called in honor of Sir Thomas Cullinan who was owner of the mining company that found this famous diamond. This is the largest cut diamond in the world and the largest rough diamond ever found, which weighed astonishing 3106 carats in its rough state, and what is even more amazing some crystallographers believe that this diamonds was a cleavage fragment of a considerably larger stone.

This magnificent diamond was cut by famous cutter Asscher in Amsterdam, after which this diamond weighed 530.20 carats and having extraordinary 74 facets. Today this giant among famous diamonds has its deserving place being set in the Specter of the King where it resides in London Tower.

THE EXCELSIOR is yet another giant among famous diamonds, and the second biggest diamond that was ever found, it originally weighed 995,2 carats but was later cut to 10 pieces, with three largest cut diamonds weighing 158, 147 and 130 carats.

This famous diamond also holds quite an interesting story of how it was found. African worker who found this giant diamond, found it as he was loading his truck and was afraid to tell it anyone so he kept this secret until he could safely turn this giant to the more than grateful mine owner who rewarded him with some money, horse and the saddle. A small price for such a giant diamond.

ORLOFF is the third world's largest cut diamond, weighing more than respectable 194 carats. In past this diamond was located in the Temple of the Brahma until the moment when legendary Shah Nadir acquired him. Later this diamond was given to the legendary Russian Queen Catherine II by her lover Grigori Orloff whose name this giant diamond ever since that time proudly wears.

GREAT MOGUL is certainly one of the greatest diamonds in the world. This Diamond was discovered in 17th century weighing 793 carats. This large diamond got his name after Shah Jehan, a builder of Taj Mahal.

IDOLS EYE is another famous diamond, weighing 70 carats. The name Idols Eye comes from the ancient legend according to which Sheik of Kahmir stole this diamond from an idols eye to pay the Sultan of Turkey ransom for princess Rasheetah.

THE CENTENARY is another big diamond that was discovered in South Africa's mines in 1986 and was weighing 599,10 carats before Gabby Tolkowsky transformed it into a world's largest flawlessly cut diamond. This beautiful diamond has remarkable 75 facets on top, 89 on bottom, and 83 on the girdle, giving a total sum of breathtaking 247 facets. Now it weighs 273,85 carats and is like KOH-I-Noor an important part of the British Jewels.

THE PREMIER ROSE diamond was found in 1978 and was originally weighing 353,9 carats before it was cut to three pieces known as the "Premiere Rose Family". The largest piece of the family holds original family name "Premier Rose" and is weighing 137,2 carats with incredible 189 facets. This beautiful diamond was sold in 1979 for a staggering price of $10 million.

THE REGENT is one of many big diamonds found in India. This diamond was discovered in 1701, weighing 401 carats in original rough state. With time this beautiful diamond came to possession of British Prime Minister where was cut to brilliant weighing 140,50 carats and then sold in France in the time of Louis XV where it got its name after it was put into the crown of Louis XV during his coronation. Even Great Napoleon once possessed it and currently this famous diamond has its residence in Louvre.

THE BLUE HOPE is probably most talked about famous diamond. This big diamond was once possessed by the Louis XIV and was later stolen during the French revolution, and in 1830 it was bought by the Englishman Henry Phillip Hope and that's how this diamond got its name.

However this diamond is believed to be very unlucky to its owners, some say it carries curse because two of its owners had their entire family died in just one year apart. Currently this "cursed" diamond has its residence in Smithsonian, Washington.

TAYLOR-BURTON is another famous diamond with the romantic story in its background. In its original rough state, back in 1966, this diamond weighed 240,80 carats. It was later cut in pear shaped diamond weighing 69,42 carats. After the auction the owner of this diamond became famous actor Richard Burton who gave it to his wife Elizabeth Taylor and that's how this diamond got its name. When Elizabeth and Richard were divorced in 1978, Elisabeth put this diamond on auction to raise funds for one hospital in Africa.

DRESDEN GREEN is famous diamond that got its name from the capital of Saxony where it was displaying for more than 200 years and weighed over 100 carats in its rough form.

It s unique among world famous diamonds because this diamond originally probably an elongated unbroken stone since greenish diamonds rarely occur as cleavages. At present time this wonderful diamond can be found in Albertinium Museum in Dresden.


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