Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to get best value when selling diamond(s)?

In order to sell your diamond you first need to set its price which means that you will have to give it appraised. Without the appraisal you will not know what the current estimate of your diamond value is.

Diamonds with the appraisals and certificates almost always achieve higher prices because buyers want safety and safety comes with having the right documentation.
Also if possible try to sell your diamond directly to buyer because if you include jewelers they will certainly have their share in final price as the middlemen.

The factors that will be of the most important value in setting your diamond price are 4C's, namely cut, carat, clarity and color.

Cut refers to diamond refraction to light. Diamonds that have been well polished and emit radiant brilliance are bound to achieve higher price. Shape and design also contribute to your diamond's value.

Carat refers to diamond's weight. The more carats diamond has the more valuable it is. Diamonds are usually measured in carats prior to being attached to certain piece of jewelry.

Clarity refers to diamond's purity or in other words diamonds with fewer imperfections have better clarity compared to diamonds with more imperfections. Some imperfections can be visible under the naked eye while others aren't even visible under the loupe magnification.

Not all colored diamonds cost the same. This is because some colored diamonds are extremely rare such as red, pink and green diamonds and therefore cost lot more than some other colored diamonds like for instance yellow and brown diamonds.

In the age of internet many people decide to sell their diamonds online. If this is also your choice make sure to investigate the reputation of online dealers prior to selling your diamonds.

If you have some diamond of bigger value you can also consider an auction to sell it.


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