Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The most expensive diamond in the world

It doesn't take a genius in order to realize that diamonds are the most expensive pieces of jewelry. Some diamonds have their price in million of dollars, and the most amazing part is that there are always people ready to pay these absurd sums of money to get their hands on desired stone. So what are the most important factors that made diamonds so expensive, and do they really worth so much?

Some people would say it is because they are rare. It is true that diamonds are quite rare when generally speaking, especially some colored diamonds like for instance red, pink, and blue diamonds. So rarity is definitely one of the most important factors that made them expensive. But on the other hand we now have synthetic diamonds that are produced in lab, that have exact same qualities like natural diamond so we can no longer say that diamonds in general are so rare as they used to be. This can only apply to natural diamonds.

The other factor is their beauty, and by beauty I mean their sparkle and their brilliance. Shine of the diamond is so unique, and it looks so spectacular., and we mustn't forget that people just like the rats, are attracted to shiny objects. Well you don't get something quite shinier than diamonds.

The factor of beauty is also connected with the rich and long diamond history. Ever since the diamonds were first discovered people have not only admired their beauty but have also given them divine properties like bearers of luck, stones that ensure invincibility to kings and nobles that wear them and so on. And then came the moment when Archduke Maximillian proposed his future wife with diamond ring, and that was the first important step towards making diamonds into perfect tokens of love and marriage.

After that all that was left to do was to make an successful advertising campaign in order to combine all these elements into one catchy phrase, in this case "diamonds are forever" campaign. This campaign has made diamonds extremely popular and desirable, and turned diamond rings into only worthy sign of love that lasts forever.

And of course desire and popularity always tend to be very expensive. Diamonds are no exception.

The most expensive diamond in the world, weighing 7.03 carats was sold for staggering 10.5 million Swiss francs ($9.49 million) in 2009, which is the highest price paid per carat for any gemstone at auction. This record breaker was a rectangular-shaped, flawless vivid blue diamond the rarest to enter the international market this year. The lucky owner decided to remain anonymous.

The record is even more remarkable given the 2009 recession but blue diamonds of such quality are indeed extremely rare. One carat of this flawless blue diamond achieved staggering price of $1,349,752 per carat, the highest ever at any auction so far.

The previous record price for a fancy vivid blue diamond was $7.9 million, including commission, for a stone weighing 6.04 carats at sale in Hong Kong in October 2007.

The lucky owner also has the privilege to name this diamond that was originally mined in famous Cullinan mine in South Africa. Cullinan mine is especially famous as source of many quality blue diamonds but this diamond is really special because it was mined last year, cut early this year, and already sold, which is really an exception because usually it takes much longer for diamond to pass all these phases.

All that is left to do with this diamond is to name it. I'm sure owner will think of one, after all he's got more than 9 million reasons to think of it.


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