Sunday, May 22, 2011

Diamond certificate facts

Diamond certificate ensures the quality of purchased diamond, and it is always wise to obtain it because this has some rather important advantages compared to buying diamonds without diamond certficate. of course, the most important advantage is safety but I will try to tell you about the other advantages of diamond certificate too.

First of all the diamond certificate gives you exact details about diamonds you plan to purchase so it is really easy to compare these qualities in several jewelry stores, and easy find the best deals in place before you buy your diamonds.

Diamond certificate also gives you that feeling that your money was actually spent on something that is really worthy as much as you spend for it. Just imagine how disappointed would you feel if you were to discover that you actually paid lot more for some diamond than it is actually worth, or the worst possible scenario that your diamond is in fact nothing more than fake. Diamond certificate can definitely ease your mind, and make your purchase safe.

Another advantage of having diamond certificate is if you later decide to sell your purchased diamond. You can't tell what is going to happen in your life, and who knows, at some point in the future you may decide to sell your diamonds, and if you do so then the diamond certificate will ensure you achieve the better price because you have the proof that this is really an authentic diamond.

If you bought some really expensive piece of jewelry then there is one more thing you should think of, namely to insure your purchase diamond. Most insuring companies would ask you the copy of diamond certificate before ensuring them so here's another reason for you to ask jeweler for a diamond certificate.

Basically if you're buying some more expensive diamond, Diamond certificate is really the small price to pay in order to ensure the quality of diamond you are purchasing. Diamond certificates are also making your buying job much easier, since each Diamond certificate has all elements of diamond quality (four Cs) verified by independent company which should really remove your suspicion about the quality of your purchased diamond.

It also helps you verify your diamond value if you need to resolve some issues with your insurance company in case you lose your diamonds and it is also much easier to sell this diamond later since there is no doubt about its value and quality.

Yes the Diamond Certificate costs more, but it gives you necessary security that you are making the real deal and since we are not all experts it is very wise to invest some extra money in something that gives you confidence that your purchased diamond is really a quality diamond and a worthy acquisition. The main purpose of diamond certificate is really to ensure customer that there's no doubt whatsoever about value and quality of purchased diamond.

The only negative side with diamond certificate is that this is really an additional cost to an already expensive purchase, and if you're on a tight budget every buck counts a lot. So what to do? Go for diamond certificate or not? Well I would suggest that you definitely go for it in case you're purchasing some really expensive diamond engagement ring because in this case it's always good to know that you didn't spend all that money for some stone of suspicious quality. After all if you could give away a fortune for diamond ring then you can add a few dollars more for insurance.

If you're going for some rather cheap diamond engagement ring then diamond certificate is really not something I would recommend. After all you can't buy something of highest quality for small amount, so there's really no need to have diamond certificate. But for any diamond purchase above $5000 I would recommend diamond certificate because $100 to $200 that G.I.A. charges is really a small price to pay, and it will ensure safety of your purchase, so you'll know you've bought the "right stuff".

G.I.A. has also recently added a so called "Dossier certification", which is really a miniature version of the standard full G.I.A. diamond quality report. It has all the necessary info except the inclusion and blemishes. The Dossier certification report is primarily used on smaller diamonds because it is lower in cost.


Lala,  May 28, 2011 at 2:33 PM  

Great post. Some people don't realize how important it is to buy a diamond that is GIA-certified. For such a big purchase, it is just so important to know exactly what you are getting. I trust GIA above other labs to give me an accurate report not only because they developed the 4 C's in the first place, but because they are known for accuracy and reliability.

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