Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What is the best time of the year to buy diamonds?

Many people wonder is it true that in certain time of the year diamonds are less expensive compared to some other time of the year. Is there really a certain time of the year which can be referred to as the best time of the year to buy diamonds?

Diamond jewelry such as diamond engagement rings is usually quite expensive so it's really no surprise that many people wonder when is the best time to buy diamond engagement ring in order to save some money.

Unfortunately diamonds are really never at their lowest, especially quality diamonds that have constant prices throughout the whole year. Sometimes if you're lucky enough you can find some nice promotional diamonds that can save you buck or two, but these babies don't come too often.

It is very difficult to talk about oscillations in diamond prices, even financial crisis isn't powerful enough to significantly decrease the price of really quality stones. Sadly something that has outstanding quality always has an outstanding price tag too, regardless of the season. However if the perfect quality isn't something you seek for then you might just save a buck or two, buying in certain time of the year.

But this only applies to smaller diamonds, that are already quite affordable, and not to expensive, so you'll really not save a lot of money buying these diamonds. If you buy these diamonds during holidays you'll likely to find certain "discount" because this is the time when jewelers are competing to each other, and you can find diamonds with really decent price tags. Another good time to buy diamond engagement rings would be at summer because sales are then usually at their lowest so you can save some bucks as well.

But if you want real quality for your diamond engagement ring don't expect miracles because quality never comes cheap, especially with diamonds. You can always search for some cheaper solutions but we are really talking here about diamond engagement ring, and this is something where quality should be couple of steps ahead of money. After all, this is something you won't buy each year.


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