Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why should you buy Canadian diamonds?

Canada is quickly becoming one of the top diamond producers. Many Canadian diamond mines are increasing their production and given the gigantic size of Canada's territory it is realistically to expect that Canada will remain one of the top world diamond producers for foreseeable future.

Canadian diamonds are also known as polar diamonds, and they are among the best quality diamonds on the global diamond market, especially in terms of hardness and purity.

Quality and hardness are not the only reasons why buyers choose Canadian diamonds. One thing that is equally, if not more important, is that these diamonds aren't conflict or blood diamonds like some diamonds from Africa are.

These diamonds are not financed by guerrilla groups in countries at civil war like this was for instance case with diamonds from Sierra Leone. There is no forced child labor, rape, torture, and other horrible things associated with blood diamonds.

There are very strict regulations enforced all over Canada in relation to diamond mining and mining in general, with very strict labor and environmental laws. In fact, many Canadian diamond mines are ISO certified, meaning that they follow the best possible environmental practices.

Buying Canadian diamonds with polar bear image trademark therefore gives you not only top quality but also ethical security, which cannot be provided with some of the diamonds coming from Africa.


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