Monday, October 25, 2010

Diamond ring facts

Diamond rings are still the most popular form of diamond jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings that also have that special sentimental value.

The most popular choice when choosing diamond engagement ring is the classic shape in form of round brilliant diamond shape. This has been the most popular choice for many years now, and many couples when looking for their perfect engagement ring end up having diamond of this shape. This is really no surprise because of all diamonds available on the market around three quarters have round brilliant diamond shape. If you want to "play it safe" then this is the perfect choice for your diamond engagement ring. Round brilliant also means the maximum shine. Other popular shapes include emerald and heart diamond shape.

The main reason why white diamonds are considered traditional when it comes to diamond engagement rings is their availability since natural colored diamonds are in most cases extremely rare, and therefore difficult to buy, and not to mention extremely expensive. But the improvement in different diamond technologies has enabled the creation of lab created colored diamonds that are available in many different colors, and are becoming more and more popular option. These enhanced colored diamonds cost significantly less than their flawless colored brothers, and are economically much more acceptable option.

Before buying diamond rings a person should at least get a basic introduction to the 4C's (cut, carat, clarity, color) in order to get some valuable knowledge about why some diamonds cost more than others, and whether your desired diamond is really worth that much.

Selecting diamond for your diamond ring means only half of the job is done because the other half goes to selecting the right setting. Whether this will be platinum, white gold, palladium it depends solely on you. Platinum is usually the first pick of many buyers, though it has to be said that platinum is also the most expensive option so have this in your mind, especially if you're on a tight budget.

Diamond engagement ring tradition started in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented a gold ring set with a diamond as a token of his eternal love to his future wife Mary of Burgundy. For many years only nobles would propose their future brides to be with diamond engagement rings.

When choosing the diamond ring be sure not to overdo in size because if you have very small hand, and tiny fingers anything above 1,5 carats may look too big for you, and average size is at around 1 carat but make sure to purchase at least half a carat size because anything less looks to small, and doesn't have the desired shine.

Cleaning diamond ring is not as difficult as some think it is. You need to take some mild detergent, mix it with water but try to keep this mix liquid warm all the time. After this use some soft brush and gently clean the dirt off your diamond ring.

Lab created diamond rings have been gaining lot of popularity in recent years. Diamonds created in lab have completely the same molecular structure like natural diamonds, and the only real difference is that they were created in lab, and not in Earth's mantle. They also cost significantly less than their natural brothers.

People in United States are the "most crazy about diamond rings", and each year in United States around 7 billion dollars is spent on diamond rings.

Buying diamond rings online is usually less expensive compared to buying diamond rings in local jewelry store, not to mention the fact that you have much bigger selection online.

The unofficial rule about how much money should groom spend for diamond engagement ring is according to De Beers a three month salary. But have in mind this is just a basic guideline.

The people that are looking for the best alternatives for diamond rings should look at moissanite rings because this is the best available alternative to diamonds. Moissanite is so similar to diamond that even some jewelers won't be able to tell the difference.

When buying diamond ring it is very vise to obtain diamond certificate, not only to be on the safe side but it will also come handy if you in years to come decide to sell it.


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