Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diamonds are forever expression - The meaning

Diamonds are forever is expression that most of you have probably heard dozens of times. But what does this expression actually mean? Is the origin of this expression in Ian Fleming's novel "Diamonds Are Forever" published in 1956 that features yet another dashing adventure of never-ending secret agent 007 or should we look somewhere else to find the origin of this legendary expression? And though James Bond, together with glamor girls that always surrounded him could really fit quite nicely in the origins of diamonds are forever story, this expression dates full 18 years before the Ian Fleming novel and describes one stroke of a genius advertising campaign that made diamonds popular to masses.

Back in 1938 the famous De Beers company launched their famous "diamonds are forever" campaign that completely changed our society perspective on diamonds. All of the sudden diamonds became ultimate pieces of jewelry not only because of their beauty but mostly because they became symbols of eternity and love. Once diamonds became special tokens of love there was really no stopping them, and this was really the renaissance period of diamond industry.

If we take a closer look to that (between two world wars) period we can see how special this period was. This was the time when Hollywood's first movie legends were making their ways in cinemas across the globe, the period filled with beautiful heroes and heroins of the young romantic period of Hollywood. Whether you believe it or not, credit for making diamonds into such popular tokens of love goes mostly to the early days of Hollywood and the first legendary movie divas like Mae West, Greta Garbo and Rita Hayworth. All these Hollywood icons gave small pieces of their fame into diamonds are forever expression transforming diamonds into one brand new dimension, dimension connected with love and eternity.

Diamonds are forever campaign is the living proof how the simplest solutions are always the best because these three words have given diamonds their final recognizable shape by giving our imagination endless limits to look for new symbols that diamonds could stand for. Love, eternity, romance, fidelity, perfection, supremacy; these are only some symbols that are now closely connected with diamonds thanks to this genius campaign.

It also has to be said that diamonds are forever is really an expression not far from the actual truth since diamonds do last in average two to three millions years which from our point of view really looks like the eternity.

Diamonds are really so unique, and the thing that makes them so specific is variety of the symbols they stand for; to some people they symbolize love and eternity, to others money and power, symbols that are so different can only be embedded together in only one form, the one of diamond of course. And this is what makes diamonds forever.


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